Neil Snozwell


Music is Neil's passion. He believes in teaching simple skills in an easy, friendly style based around the songs and styles you want to learn by your favorite artists, gradually raising your game.

He can give you a thorough understanding of your instrument and the skills and techniques required to play live or purely for pleasure. He has played guitar and bass for 37 years and counting, and began teaching about twenty years ago. His students range from age 6 upwards.
He teaches Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass and Ukelele and is comfortable working in most styles of guitar based music including Rock, Pop, Soul, Funk, Folk, Indie, Acoustic, Americana, Latin, Jazz and more. He plays lead guitar in Kings Of Wonderland and plays bass in Jukes. He is recording albums with both bands and he played lead guitar for Beautiful Losers for many years, releasing three albums.

Neil also worked for 15 years at Chandler Guitars and Kew, dealing with and meeting many household names and bands, and so has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share as well as the nuts and bolts of playing. He currently works at Hillsound Music Shop in Hampton Hill when not teaching.

Comments from pupils:
“Neil is a brilliant teacher. We are a family full of musicians and can highly recommend him. He has taught my daughter the technical stuff while making her feel she is accomplishing playing great songs as she progresses. He is one in a million!” 5/5 stars

“Awesome teacher. Full of music. Will tailor the lessons to your particular needs and wants. Always a pleasure to practice and learn alongside” 5/5 stars