With over 10 years of experience in music education, Lou combines her love for piano with her deep commitment to mindfulness, creating an environment where students not only learn to play the piano but also cultivate a mindful connection to the art.   Lou is a passionate piano teacher with her student’s well-being and mental health being at the forefront of all her lessons, ensuring her teaching approach its both technically proficient and emotionally supportive.

After completing her degree in Music at the University of Queensland in Australia (focusing on classical piano performance), Lou undertook her meditation teacher training, as she found meditation and mindfulness to be extremely effective when managing the pressure that can come with studying piano performance.

Lou now uses what she has learnt from her personal experience, meditation training and her Music degree to assist students to stay present, manage performance anxiety, and develop a deeper connection to their music. Lou emphasises the importance of creating a positive, judgement-free learning space where students can explore their creativity and build confidence in their abilities.