We understand that in our busy, diverse lives making time for your lessons isn’t always easy and so we offer lessons in almost every instrument from Singing to Guitar, Saxophone to Ukulele via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime whether you are in the office, travelling, at home or abroad. Learning via Apps or tutorial videos doesn’t give you the same face to face interaction and instant feedback of online instrumental lessons with your experienced teacher working with you live, wherever you are.

Our students find that learning an instrument online is flexible and convenient and allows them a greater opportunity to learn than ever before. It means that those living in remote areas or with irregular schedules or those unable to make it to our studio for lessons, can have the same chances to learn an instrument and continue their musical development even when they can’t make it in person. This makes for an easy accessible way to learn music wherever you are in the World.

Maybe you find yourself with a little more time on your hands at the moment and always promised yourself you would try an instrument or perhaps your children want a new exciting hobby to keep them occupied? Whatever the reason, online music lessons are easy, safe, affordable and work around you and your family.

Please click HERE to enquire about one to one lessons so we can match you with one of our teachers best suited to your chosen instrument, availability and requirements. With lessons, courses, masterclasses, performances and even exams all delivered to your home via online learning, the possibilities are limitless.

Our dedicated digital suite at our London studio offers exceptional sound and a high performance connection that means you get the highest quality experience almost as good as being in the same room as your teacher.

No matter what,”The Show Must Go On" so let us bring music to you at a time when we all need to stay connected.

BOOK YOUR ONLINE MUSIC LESSONS from The Richmond Music Academy today.