We are delighted to support the London Ukulele Project, a not-for-profit organization which encourages and facilitates music-making for all, with the aim of building communities and enhancing wellbeing and mental health. The L.U.P  has recently been awarded National Lottery Funding and is the brainchild of Tara Maysey, our in-house ukulele & piano teacher here at Ritz Music & Tuition Centre.

The ukulele is a fun, versatile and hugely rewarding instrument and offers a perfect way for people to start making music together, irrespective of age and ability or previous musical experience.

The L.U.P. is currently focusing its resources as follows:

Events: Regular events throughout the year bringing people together, building new friendships and skills!

The London Youth Ukulele Orchestra: Our new orchestra for advancing players and future virtuosos!

Although the ukulele is a perfect instrument for complete beginners to music, we also want to encourage its amazing musical potential, so we have founded The London Youth Ukulele Orchestra to encourage and nurture any budding ukulele virtuosos of school age 9-16 and also 17-22 year olds.   

Free Ukuleles & Teachers’ Resource for Schools & Community groups:

Using grants, funding and income from our events, the London Ukulele Project will provide FREE ukulele sets to selected schools and community groups. We will also support teachers with an annually produced Songbook and Teacher Resource as well as providing informal workshops for teachers.


For more information please visit our website: www.londonukuleleproject.co.uk

We can also be found on all social media platforms and Tara can found most days at Ritz Music Studio.