Little Rockers Urban Choir for kids aged 8-14 at Ritz Music & Tuition Centre ! 
Every Wednesday  6.15pm - 7.15pm
Sign up at: or visit  or call 07903-780600
After the huge success of the Little Rockers Urban Choir in Manchester, Birmingham and South London, Singing Tutor & Fine Tuning Network now bring the project to Richmond West London!
Led by top music industry vocal coach Michael Scott, who has worked with artists such as One Direction, McFly, The Black Eyed Peas, Christina Aguilera, Ozzy Osbourne, Duran Duran and Kylie Minogue, the choir reworks popular chart tracks, fusing together different genre's, incorporating beats and perfecting powerful vocal harmony.
Over the last 3 years working with local schools, young singers from all different backgrounds have been coming together to not only perform to crowds as big as 5,000 people but also raise money for services and causes in their communities.
Little Rockers is a new kind of choir for kids from ages 8-16 that creates an interactive social environment for young singers and rappers to express themselves through working on their favourite Pop, Rock and RnB songs with the chance to perform at various events around the UK.
The aim is to give young people a voice, deliver a positive message and have fun singing hit records so contact us to sign up today, your first week is completely free!